Well 2020 got a bit weird, didn't it!

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Pivot! That seems to be the buzz word of March and April 2020. With all that’s happening in the world, we’re adapting and overcoming obstacles, and helping our people through lockdown and isolation. I know for sure that they couldn’t do it without us doggos at their side.

It’s weird though – have you noticed that your people are working from home as though it’s some concept that didn’t exist before. Well here’s hoping that when this coronavirus pandemic has packed its bags, they carry on working remotely in the future. It’s like they forgot they had pets at home before the planet malfunctioned. Hello – we’ve always been here, waiting for you to come home and play!

I’ve heard that some of our people have been using us dogs an excuse for not doing as much work as they should. “Oh, the dog keeps distracting me!” “Yeah, you keep telling ‘em that, mum – the truth is that we’re trying to tire you out – we’re usually asleep on the sofa by now but you’re here and that means it’s play time!”

During this Covid-19 pandemic-lockdown situation, The Bark Side is operating as normal, albeit with extra precautions. My people will wear disposable gloves when picking and packing your order, and when I check each one before it goes out the door I’ll just do my usual sniff around. It’ll be delivered to you via Royal Mail (naturally, key workers alongside the NHS staff, emergency services, food retailers, and lorry drivers – all doing a fabulous job to keep the country running) as usual. Our posting bags are made from recycled plastic (and should be recycled again, don’t forget) so you can give them a spray with disinfectant when they arrive if you wish.

Our fabulous eco friendly dog toys will keep you occupied so that you don’t distract your people (too much) from working. We’ve got toys from quality brands like Beco Pets and West Paw, including guaranteed ranges for tough chewers. Treat toys for your people to put treats in are awesome for keeping us dogs occupied for a while; check out our Qwizl by West Paw and the Beco Bone. Both of these dog toys come with a no-questions-asked refund or replacement guarantee too.

What about sensory toys with a squeaker and different textures Well you’ll be interested in our range of Beco Pets toys made from recycled plastic bottles – some of them come with a crinkle section and others with different textured materials. All of them have a tough squeaker and are made to last.

Extra walks during lockdown? Surely not! Let’s make the most of it, hey? We have some great collars and leads here on The Bark Side. We’ve got a beach bum-inspired range from Rogz, and a range from Lupine that are made from recycled plastic bottles and come with a lifetime guarantee (even if chewed!).

This strange time unfortunately means that we’re not quite sure when the UK will be allowed to socialise and attend events again. We’ve had a couple of cancellations recently, the biggest being Doodlefest 2020; we loved Doodlefest last year and met so many awesome dogs and their people. This year’s event was going to be even bigger than before, but understandably it’s been cancelled for now. But you know what this means, folks – Doodlefest 2021 is going to be even more special! Let’s concentrate on making next year’s dog show even bigger and better.

As the situation changes in the UK we’ll see whether other shows are going ahead as planned, or whether they are cancelled or postponed. But whatever happens, we’ll still be here on The Bark Side for you doggy needs.

Keep barking, and most importantly, stay safe