Beco Bone Treat Toy For Dogs And Puppies

The Beco Bone is an awesome dog toy


Beco Pets

Suitable For:

Dogs and puppies

Available in:

Medium and large; and

Pink, green or blue

RRP – Medium £8.99, Large £12.99

Brutus' Review:

The Beco Bone is made from rice husk and natural rubber (that means it’s made from natural, sustainable materials)…and it’s scented with vanilla! But even better – it’s hollow so that your people can put treats in there for you! It can be used with a long chew, or even with several smaller treats…or even with no treats at all (the horror! But it’s still fun to play with, even on its own).

And the icing on the cake (I have no idea why the humans say this) – it’s so durable that it comes with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

It has plenty of room inside for treats, and the bone is a decent size if you just want to play with it on its own.

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