Beco Pets Eco Friendly Dog and Puppy Bowl

This is the award-winning eco friendly Beco Bowl by Beco Pets.

Note: Please remove easy-peel stickers before first


Food and Water

Suitable For:

Dogs and Puppies


Small – 0.5 litre (500ml) for puppies and small dogs

Medium – 0.75 litre (750ml) for larger puppies and medium dogs

Large – 1.5 litre (1500ml) for large and XL breed


Pink, Blue, Natural

My Review:

The Beco Bowl is made from natural BPA-free bamboo which grows and re-grows super-quickly.

The Beco Bowl is strong and durable, and I eat and drink from them - they're great! My people say the Beco Bowl is dishwasher safe too (apparently this matters to those who walk on their hind legs). And when you've finished with it after years of use, it will break down naturally.

This is definitely Approved by Brutus - I'm saving the planet one meal and drink at a time!

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