Qwizl Treat Toy by West Paw

Tough chewers, this is for you!

This is one of the most durable toys made by West Paw, specifically designed for tough or aggressive chewers who want to be amused and extend the life of their treats. Your people can place your treats inside it (even longer treats, because the hole goes right through the centre) and the vents release scent. And even after the treats are gone, it’s still fun to chew and fetch.

I’m told it’s dishwasher-safe (although as a dog, that doesn’t bother me) and it’s latex-free (definitely a good thing). But perhaps more importantly, it’s made from Zogoflex® - the recycled plastic product that is recyclable again.

Available in blue, green, or orange.

And don’t forget the West Paw guarantee:

If you’re not happy with the performance of the product, The Bark Side will offer you a one-time replacement or refund. It's entirely your choice (or that of your people).

RRP: £17.99

The Bark Side price: £17.00

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