Kong Ballistic Treat Toy For Dogs And Puppies - Large

Kong Ballistic Hide 'n Treat Toy For Dogs And Puppies


Keep your dogs entertained by hiding treats inside this toy. Perfect for indoor play on rainy days, or just because! The whole thing closes up using a velcro-type system. Your dog then needs to work out how to open it up, and then get the treats out. Contains one main dispenser in the centre, and two pockets that your dog must locate.






Red (currently unavailable, but we're working on it)


Wipeable canvas exterior

Polyester fibre filling

Suitable For:

Dogs and puppies

Supervised play

Hide and seek (of treats, of course!)

Brutus' Review:

In short - I love this treat puzzle toy! My people hide treats inside it for me, and I love finding them. It's not too difficult (although on my first try, I did make it appear as though I was trying to break the Enigma Code) but it is LOADS of fun. With some practice I'm able now to get inside pretty efficiently, and of course the reward is the decent-sized stash of treats in the centre. The trickier part is getting the other treats out of the pockets, which can be made more difficult if my people push them further in. Even when I've emptied the Kong Ballistic Hide n Treat of all its goodies, I still enjoy flinging it around and giving it a bit of a chew. And as it's soft, I also lie on it sometimes whilst chewing other toys (don't roll your eyes; it's a dog's prerogative to play with ALL the toys at once!).

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