PitchDog SportBall Dog Toy by Collar Company

Check out the newest dog toy on The Bark Side's block!

This is the PitchDog SportBall by Collar Company.


Plastic and rubber-based

Suitable For:

Dogs and larger puppies

Indoor and outdoor play

Playing in water (it floats)

Throw it, fetch it, chew it

Available In:

Orange, pink, blue, green

One size: 14cm long, 9cm diameter

My Review:

It resembles a rugby ball or American football (whichever your preference) and has an unpredictable bounce.
During testing I found it to be loads of fun and it quickly became one of my favourite toys.

You'll love the fact that the SportBall is soft yet durable, and doesn't harm dogs' teeth. It also floats! And the bright colours mean it's easy to spot the dog toy in water, snow, undergrowth, etc.

Your teeth will puncture the surface, but there's something special about this product; the holes seem to shrink rather than get bigger.

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