Ralph & Co Fabric Bone Stuffed Dog And Puppy Toy

Stuffed Bone-Shaped Dog Toy by Ralph & Co

This quality dog and puppy toy is the perfect no-squeak toy. We know that not every dog likes a squeaker, and that their people sometimes get sick of hearing squeaks, so this toy is a godsend!



Soft stuffed toy

'Ascot' tweed

Suitable For:

Dogs and puppies

Supervised play


Fabric outer

Fibre stuffing

Brutus' Review:

I love this toy. It's great for chewing, flinging about, playing fetch, a bit of tug, and then for snuggling up to for sleep when you've tired yourself out with all that play. It also looks and feels a bit posh, which gives that feeling of luxury (and a little bit like I'm chewing something I shouldn't!). It's a dog toy without a squeaker which means it's perfect for those dogs who are scared of squeakers or just don't enjoy playing with squeaky toys. This is definitely Approved by Brutus.

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