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Zogoflex Jive by West Paw

Calling all tough chewers!

This is the most durable toy made by West Paw, specifically designed for tough or aggressive chewers. It’s shaped like a ball but has a couple of grooves that give it a crazy, erratic bounce. Sometimes it will bounce like a normal ball; other times you just won’t know where it will end up. It’s about the size of a tennis ball (but much tougher and safer), so an added bonus is that it will fit into a standard ball thrower. And because it’s brightly-coloured it’s easy to spot in snow or water. And whilst we’re on the subject of water…did I mention that it floats?

I’m told it’s dishwasher-safe (why do my people tell me this when washing up is their job?) and it’s latex-free (definitely a good thing). But perhaps more importantly, it’s made from Zogoflex® - the recycled plastic product that is recyclable back into itself again and again.

Available in blue, green, or orange.

Don’t forget the West Paw guarantee:

If you’re not happy with the performance of the product, The Bark Side will offer you a one-time replacement or refund. It's entirely up to you (or your people).

RRP: £12.99

The Bark Side price: £12.00

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