Thank you for visiting The Bark Side®. If you're looking for a quality dog toy, collar, lead or accessory that's a little bit different, out of the ordinary, quirky even, then you're definitely in the right place. Based in Birmingham in the UK, The Bark Side is an online retailer, but you might also meet my people at some dog shows or other events in the Midlands, so please go and say hello - and make sure they're actually working!

Before being approved for sale on The Bark Side, every product goes through a rigorous testing process in real-life me! Those that don't pass the test aren't stocked here. Those that succeed are Approved by Brutus and have rightly earned that accolade.

The Bark Side stocks some of the coolest and best quality stuff for dogs, and is a friendly community where dogs and puppies or all shapes, ages, and sizes are welcome. The Bark Side is a business with a social and environmental conscience, supplying tough, quality, fun products, and always below RRP. We don't say "cheap" but we do say "value for money". As we say on The Bark Side, "Quality dog products that don't cost the Earth".

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